best metal detector for gold

best metal detector for gold

A metal detector is a useful device that helps in the search for non-ferrous and ferrous metals deep underground. Today, a huge variety of models are produced in the world, so you may find it difficult to choose. But don’t worry about this, because our experts have prepared the best metal detectors to search for gold and coins, which are best chosen in 2023.

A good and inexpensive metal detector for beginners is equipped with a concentric and waterproof coil made in a round shape. It detects most metals at a depth of up to 70 cm, but it is important to note that the maximum value of coins specifically is about 17 cm, and at the same time the operating frequency reaches 15 kHz, which ensures good sensitivity.

BEST Metal Detector for Gold 2023

Best Metal Detectors to Find Coins and Gold

The built-in speaker turns on sound notifications even when the signal is weak. Another advantage is that they can be adjusted in size. The cheap metal detector has a pinpoint mode, designed for accurate search for small objects. With the metal discrimination function, you can exclude unwanted frequencies from search. Thanks to this, the device will stop responding to bottle caps and other worthless garbage.

The best metal detectors in terms of research depth, price and quality

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Have you been planning to buy a metal detector a long time ago and finally got it? Agree, there are many different models on the market and it will not be easy to choose. This is a complex and expensive device with many functions and settings.

Finding a suitable model without prior preparation is difficult. Manufacturers produce a series for beginners, amateurs and avid treasure hunters. We will be happy to help you find out and share your experience and necessary information.

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