Long Range Locator DDSL6 ULTIMATE GOLD

A long-range locator is a device used in various fields, particularly in treasure hunting, geophysical exploration, and archaeology. It’s designed to detect substances or objects from a distance, often claiming to locate valuable items such as metals, minerals, or even underground structures.

There are different types of long range locators, and they typically operate on various principles like electromagnetic fields, radio waves, or even dowsing methods. However, their effectiveness and reliability can vary significantly, and some devices might not deliver the promised results.

It’s essential to approach these devices with caution, as some claims may be exaggerated or not scientifically validated. It’s advisable to research and consult experts in the field before investing in or relying on the findings of a long-range locator.

Long Range Locator DDSL6 ULTIMATE GOLD

Important: DDSL6 is 30% stronger than standard DDSL6 FC. In addition, there is a GPS integrated into the Peli case with a gold-tone panel.

This is the latest in remote detection technology, providing the ability to accurately locate gold, silver, copper, bronze, lead, iron, diamonds, genuine gold and other programmed metals and metals. This device occupies a leading position in its product category.

Long Range Locator DDSL6 ULTIMATE GOLD

Long Range Locator DDSL6 ULTIMATE GOLD

Specially designed to find precious metals buried underground or long lost.

The device makes it possible to search for treasures, genuine gold and many other things. The system is equipped with special quartz filters and allows the search for gold and silver of different purities, which is an added advantage for treasure hunters. The device offers 1Hz quartz frequency stabilization allowing accurate searching.

The system is equipped with microprocessor control and software that allows frequency control. The operator can program this precision device to search for different metals, metals, hollow voids, Water, using different programming methods, i.e. recording specific frequencies or monitoring the frequency during operation, or alternately used.

The operator can confirm the reflected signal generated by the transmitter using specially designed electronic search files. In a variety of ground conditions with varying degrees of mineralization, this quartz-mounted digital system delivers superior results, even in challenging ground conditions.

Different operators may achieve different degrees of sensitivity.
Example: If one operator can detect 1 kg of gold within a 3 km radius using this device, another operator can get the results within a radius of no more than 2 km. The same applies to the depth of research: if one operator finds 1 kg of gold at a depth of 30 meters, another operator, with less experience, can find the same amount of gold at a depth of 20 meters, thanks to its accuracy and power. This tool allows you to work with her and with people who have never used devices for remote search. The toolkit comes with a fairly detailed user guide with included images and explanations.

The device has been tested in different countries of the world and has been used by different people in different regions. Thanks to high-quality hardware and software, the device guarantees a positive result. During a demo in a randomly selected area, 50 kg of gold was accidentally discovered at a depth of 60 meters in the cave complex.
This is illustrated by hundreds of examples of successful searches for gold and silver in smaller quantities.

This device is a must-have tool for professional treasure hunters and mining companies.

Group Contents:
– transmitter with remover;
– ground sensors for the transmitter and eliminator;
– receiver search antennas;
– Charger;
– Rechargeable batteries;
– connecting wires;
– Bag for the device;
– Case with accessories;
– Detailed user manual.
– GPS.

Bag size with electronic devices for transport:
Size: 34×32×16cm
Weight: 3.2 kg

Bag size with transport accessories:
Size: 47x37x17 cm
Weight: 10.4 kg

The DDSL6 Ultimate Gold is a specific type of long-range locator that claims to be designed for detecting gold and other precious metals from a distance. It’s marketed as a high-end device with advanced features for locating valuable materials buried underground.

However, it’s crucial to approach such claims with skepticism and caution. Many devices in this category often lack scientific validation or independent verification of their capabilities. Claims of long-range detection of specific materials, especially valuable ones like gold, often raise concerns regarding their reliability and accuracy.

Before considering the purchase or use of the DDSL6 Ultimate Gold or similar long-range locators, it’s advisable to:

Research: Look for independent reviews, expert opinions, and scientific evaluations of the device’s effectiveness.

Validation: Check if the device has been tested or validated by reputable institutions or professionals in relevant fields.

Realistic Expectations: Be realistic about the capabilities of such devices. Claims of long-range detection of specific materials may not always align with reality.

Always exercise caution when investing in equipment that makes bold claims, especially in fields like treasure hunting or mineral detection, where there might be numerous unreliable products on the market. Consulting with experts or experienced individuals in the field can provide valuable insights before making any purchase or relying on such devices for important tasks.

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