quest q20 metal detector reviews

quest q20 metal detector reviews

For searching land and water – quest q20 metal detector is a universal metal detector that can be used at shallow depths, even underwater. It just requires careful handling.

This three-program metal detector is designed for beginners to search for objects made of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. It can work not only on land, but also in water with the coil submerged up to 3 meters. It has an informative display and audio identification. Effective on highly mineralized soils and seawater.

Sophisticated software and manual soil balance adjustment provide a high level of discrimination. It is possible to adjust custom settings. After the latest update of the model, the file playback frequency has also increased.

Quest Q20 metal detector review + Test

The ergonomic design of the device is also suitable for both left and right-handed users. The penis here consists of three sections, and its length is adjusted with special clamps. However, there is still a risk of the cable breaking due to its poor location.

Great bonuses from the manufacturer: pinpoint function, built-in flashlight and wired headphones included. The metal detector is powered by a built-in battery that can be charged via a micro USB port.


Operating frequency 13 kHz.
Automatic and manual balance.
Battery operation;
Weight 1.15 kg.

Where is it used and what can be found

The model has good reviews for working in different conditions. Difficult soil and salty sand are not a problem for the detector. He sees small objects well at fairly great depths. The device is used for dry research, but the waterproof coil allows it to be submerged, thus expanding the range of tasks. The oval shape of the reel allows you to work in heavily overgrown areas (in forests).

Search through ancient times in the fields

Various tests conducted by volunteer diggers have shown that with the quest q20 metal detector you can carry out very effective raids on fields and forests. When working in “Coins” and “Jewelry” modes, the device effectively finds modern and old coins of different sizes. Meanwhile, copper, gold and silver see equally well.

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