Top 5 metal detectors for deep treasure reviews

Each metal detector has different technical characteristics. Devices are presented in several types. But not everyone can discover ancient coins. This must be known and taken into account when choosing a detector. There are several types of devices that are useless when looking for coins.

Depth detector. Their main purpose is to search for objects at great depths. But based on their features, the sensitivity of these detectors to small objects, including coins, is low. The scope of their application is treasure hunting, metal pipes, scrap metal.

The depth of search as well as the sensitivity of the device depend on the file size. Files differ in shape from each other. They can be oblong, round, butterfly-shaped or oval. The stronger the file, the more likely it is to find the treasure.

5 Best Metal Detectors for Deep Treasures

Operating frequency

The performance of the device depends on this option – the lower the frequency, the lower the sensitivity to small objects with low conductivity. At higher frequencies, the sensitivity will be higher, but the penetration depth will decrease. The operating frequency depends on the file used. Devices can operate at one frequency or simultaneously on several frequencies. The frequency in the detector can also be switched. This parameter is one of the main factors that are taken into account when buying a metal detector to search for coins at maximum depth.

best metal detector find

best metal detector find

Discrimination Scale

This option is very important for a metal detector. It allows the device to determine what kind of metal is in the ground. As a result, the collector will not dig worthless iron objects. The electrical conductivity of metal is an indicator of the level of adjustment of metal detectors. When an iron object or non-ferrous metal (silver, copper) is detected, a numerical value appears on this scale corresponding to the type of metal discovered. The lowest number for iron, the highest number for silver and copper.

To ensure easy coin search, metal detectors are equipped with polyphony. This eliminates the need to constantly look at the screen. To facilitate the search, the device emits a separate sound for each metal.

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