Garrett AT Pro – Detection on the Beach ( Video )

We invite you to watch a video of the detection tests on the beach using the Garrett AT Pro detector. GARRETT AT-PRO INTERNATIONAL is a large, easy-to-read metal detector, on which metal markers and other information about the device’s functions and settings are clearly visible. It is a detector that can be used in conditions not suitable for other detectors such as high humidity or even in water. It can be submerged to a depth of 3 meters.

It contains 99 discrimination chips, a choice between three search programs in two normal or professional modes, in addition to visual recognition features and a variety of voice tones for various types of metals, and the screen displays battery life and depth. The search frequency is 15 kHz. The PROFormance research coil is the new American concept of elliptical coils or DD and measures 8.5 × 11 inches (21.6 × 28 cm).

Basic features

Pro Mode Audio:
A proportional tone of sound allows you to hear accent tones just like in All-Metal mode.

High-precision iron discrimination:
Use the buttons to configure iron discrimination in 40 levels for a more precise separation of precious metals from waste.

Setting a digital goal:
Target slices between 0 and 99 give you greater ability to distinguish between different types of metals based on their conductivity.

Iron tone:
It allows the user to hear a special tone for the iron and make other adjustments.

High recovery speed:
Allows better ability to distinguish between precious metals close to other metals

. Versatility in any terrain:
Waterproof casing designed for dusty, wet or rainy areas; the unit can be submerged to a depth of 3 meters.

15KHz frequency:
Improved detection of small targets and gold nuggets and jewelry

Ground Calibration:
Automatic or adjustable for improved performance

Graphical Target Analyzer (GTA):
Determines the conductivity of the target

Continuous Depth of Coin Indicator:
To determine the depth of the target

Battery Indication:
Shows the battery status as

Always Modes (Highlight Modes): 6 plus selected electronic search modes
(Accent Patterns): 6 plus electronic selection function

Selectable between Custom, Zero (All Metals) or Coins (Coins) in Standard or Professional mode

Precise identification (localization)

Goal Setting Slides
12 (adjustable)
Iron marking strips
Accept or ignore types of metals

Search modes
6 (3 Standard modes, 3 Pro modes)
Depth adjustments (sensitivity)
Electronic precise identification
15 kHz
Sound definition tones
Standard Coil
8.5″ × 11″ high DD PRO
(Adjustable) 1.06 m – 1.29 m (42 in to 51 inches) Gross weight 1.4 kg 4 AA batteries (included) Source of information can be found.

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