XP ORX Multi-Frequency Metal Detector

Superior performance locating natural gold and coins

XP ORX – Multi-purpose detector – finds gold and silver at amazing depth – Completely wireless

XP ORX Metal Detector – Gold Detector

The ORX XP detector is a professional wireless metal detector for use in gold mining areas where there is a lot of liana in dense forests. It was developed specifically for areas containing gold, but it doesn’t stop there, as it can also be used for field research in the search for treasures and antiquities, simply by downgrading. This is one of the great advantages of multi-frequency detectors. VLF technology, advanced discrimination capabilities. It is a suitable detector for gold ore mining areas and other adventures.

“Some customers who purchased the XP ORX detector compared it in depth and stability with the Gold Monster 1000 detector and the ORX metal detector outperformed the Gold Monster 1000 in all tests. Customers said that the Gold Monster 1000 is too loud in the red land, leaving several gold nuggets for the ORX detector.

4 versions of files available for purchase to expand search possibilities

9 × 35 inches delivers 35 frequencies for the excavation coil better

5 inch provides 35 frequencies for better 11 × 3 file exploration
Elliptical HF (High Frequency) coil dedicated to gold search
Quyle 9 HF (High Frequency) Especially so as not to leave a small thing of gold
On this page, your detector comes with only the 9 HF file. However, you can purchase other coil sizes separately.

Have you noticed that the files do not have wires in the image of the files on the side? Well, that’s right! These are coils that do not need cables to connect to the detector, they connect to the detector quickly through a wireless connection.

The XP METAL DETECTORS Detector Factory is unique in this patent for fully wireless detectors.

A stick of 3 parts that fit inside each other

XP ORX 3-part detector The three parts of the stick are lightweight and one part of it can be pulled to the other to make it very compact.

The rod is designed to meet all customer height sizes, providing better prospector compliance at the time of search

Stem with comfortable development

Its ultra-light body is very shock resistant

Easily adapts to anyone’s height

Easy to carry

Futuristic design

Removable control panel

One of the advantages of the XP ORX metal detector is that it is easy to remove its control panel from the rod and place it on your waist, pocket or even on your chest, without causing any problems for the detector or detector, because the metal detector ORX XP is fully wireless. XP ORX detector control panel for gold mining.

High sensitivity

High frequencies

Highly advanced system features

Custom Software


The ORX detector has a very easy-to-understand list with 4 programs that were preconfigured at the factory:

2 gold prospectors and 2 coins – all accessible at the touch of a button.

Two predetermined modes for gold mass prospecting:

Gold: For low to medium mineralization, good sensitivity to medium and large gold.

Pure gold: for heavy mineralization with good sensitivity to small and medium gold.

It also includes two currency search modes:

1. Quick coin and 2. Deep coin plus two free spaces for user-defined custom programming.

Characteristics and technologies used in the XP ORX metal detector

HF coil technology (21 frequency from 13 to 81 kHz).

X35 coil technology (35 frequency from 3.7 to 27.7 kHz).

Extreme sensitivity to small targets with 50 kHz and 81 kHz high-frequency targets.

4 programs for the plant: gold prospecting (x2) – coins and antiquities (x2), + 2 users.

Reliable fast wireless XP: Coil – Remote Control – Earbuds – MI-6.

The new built-in wireless headphone receiver “WS Audio®”.

The “S” column is a very light telescopic redesign.

The lightest device on the market weighs only 770 grams (installed on the remote control).

Easy to operate with user-friendly interface.

Wireless connection using MI-6 indicator + advanced remote settings.

Lithium batteries, give up to about 20 hours of detection.

Easy to charge with any supported USB charger or via computer (USB XP charger optional only)

Available with a selection of HF coils – round 22 cm (9″) or oval 24/13 cm (9.5″/5″).

Compatible with the range of x35 coil (22, 28, 34 / 28 cm).

Software update (remote control via USB cable).

Compatible with Go Terrain mobile app (in progress in 2019).

Guarantee against manufacturing defects.

Made in France.

Lithium battery is guaranteed against manufacturing defects. Do not let the battery drain completely, as it is not covered by the warranty.

Easy to charge with any supported USB charger or via computer (USB XP charger optional only)


99 sensitivity levels

21 frequencies (13 kHz to 81 kHz).

35 frequencies (3.7 kHz to 27.7 kHz)

99 levels of discrimination + 5 levels of IAR discrimination in gold programs.

20 threshold levels.

4 levels of interaction.

Iron tone with vocal tone (on/off)

Floor balancing: manual adjustment from 60 to 90 or automatic (quick grip).

Rejection of salt mode: 00 – 25

4 factory programs + 2 users.

Target ID/Iron Probability.

Specify the target zoom function.

Remote advanced settings when pairing the ORX with the MI-6 indicator.

50 sensitivity levels

Sound tone from 120 Hz to 1582 Hz


3 Factory Software + 1 User

Restore Lost MI-6 (even when turned off)

Target magnification screen

Battery life indicator

The coil, controller, and headphone jack are all wireless.

Perfect technology to search for gold anywhere

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