MALA GX locator with GX750 HDR antenna

MALA GX locator with GX750 HDR antenna

MALÅ GX is an integrated GPR solution with a wide range of antennas and gauges. With its unique HDR technology, the MALÅ GX offers faster data acquisition speeds, with an excellent signal-to-noise ratio and penetration depth.

MALÅ GX is an integrated GPR solution with four MALÅ GX antenna options: GX80, GX160, GX450 and GX750. Built on a fast 1.6GHz Intel Atom processor and a high-resolution display for 32-bit data visualization, the MALÅ GX controller offers excellent performance and external visibility. MALÅ HDR reduces random noise, providing deep penetration with an unparalleled level of data quality. The easy-to-use console features a built-in battery to simplify on-site operation.

The GX mini antennas feature built-in DGPS technology for accurate positioning and support the use of external GPS devices. MALÅ GX supports a wide range of distance measuring devices. The new WiFi option allows data to be collected wirelessly, which is easier to use indoors as well as in uneven terrain. The normal operating range varies between 25-100 meters depending on the environment.

MALA GX locator with GX750 HDR antenna

MALA GX locator with GX750 HDR antenna

Infrastructure and construction,
Geotechnical and environmental applications, feature

Easy to use
, flexible configuration for a wide range of applications,
Very good and strong construction,
On-site data processing and interpretation, option
Built-in WiFi
All antennas are RF compliant regulatory limits FCC, European Commission (FCC), IC (IC) emission limits
Random noise reduction

HDR Technology:
Data access rates are significantly faster
Signal ratio to
Higher noise increased bandwidth
and accuracy
Greater number of important bits
Greater depth of penetration
Better detection capabilities

System Configuration:
The MALÅ GX has two separate components: the GX control unit and the GX antenna. They are connected either through a single cable or WiFi.
To configure the drivetrain, the MALÅ GX control unit and the MALÅ GX antenna are mounted on an off-road strip.

To configure a towing system, an encoder wheel is installed on the mounting block located at the rear of the antenna. The GX controller is then carried with the monitor mount, and the antenna assembly can be retracted with a handle or strap.

MALÅ GX antenna options are: GX80, GX160, GX450 and GX750, all based on the latest HDR technology.

Technical specifications of the GX controller:
Processor: 1.6GHz Intel Atom
Display: 1024 × 768 mm
Operating System: Linux
Memory: 8GB built-in flash memory
Output Resolution: 32-bit
Connections: Ethernet, WiFi (optional), USB 3.0, RS232 (serial ) GPS integrated support for built-in GPS or external GPS via USB/serial port (NMEA) 0183 protocol)

Power Source: Internal 12V/20.8A Li-ion battery or any external 10-15V DC source

Charger: The unit can also be charged from an external 12 – 15 VDC
Power consumption: 3 – 2.0A

Working time: 8 – 10 hours
Dimensions: 326 × 216 × 92 mm, including handles, 326 × 216 × 52 mm, excluding handles
Weight: 3.23 kg
Operating temperature: -20°C to +50°C or 0°F to 120°F
Technical Specifications IP65 – GX750 HDR Antenna

Technical specifications of the GX 750 antenna:
Technology: MALÅ Semi-real.
Antenna frequency center: 750MHz
SNR: 97 dB
Number of bits: 16 bits
Scan/sec:> 1290, 75 ns window
Scan speed: 460 [km/h] Distance 10 cm
Bandwidth: 120%, Partial, -10 dB
Window time: 75 ns

Position: Built-in DGPS, External GPS (NMEA 0183), Wheel Encoder
Runtime: 5 hours
Power: 12V replaceable lithium-ion battery. 12V DC power supply
Power consumption: 1.3A
Ac. Mode: Wheel, Time or Manual
Dimensions: 375 × 235 × 170 mm
Weight: 3.6 kg
Operating temperature: -20°C to +50°C or 0°F to 120°F
Environment: IP65

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