Top 5 GREATEST Metal Detecting FINDS Review

Top 5 GREATEST Metal Detecting FINDS Review


You must have seen that picture of a man carrying a metal detector and walking along the beach trying to find some hidden treasure. Does it sound like a silly hobby?

Pay attention that many people (including archaeologists, investigators or just ordinary people) have already discovered many valuables that have been forgotten or buried in inhospitable places. We have prepared for you a list of 6 amazing treasures that were discovered at an unexpected time.

Metal detecting has led to some remarkable discoveries throughout history.

While I don’t have personal experiences to share, here are five incredible metal detecting finds that have captivated enthusiasts and historians alike:

here are five incredible metal detecting finds

The Hoxne Hoard: Unearthed in Suffolk, England, this hoard contained over 15,000 late Roman gold, silver, and bronze coins, along with valuable jewelry and silver tableware. It’s one of the largest and most significant Roman hoards discovered in the UK.

The Staffordshire Hoard: Discovered in 2009 by a metal detectorist in England, this hoard included over 3,500 items, mostly Anglo-Saxon artifacts, such as sword fittings, helmet fragments, and intricately decorated items dating back to the 7th century. It’s considered one of the most significant archaeological finds in British history.

Viking Silver Hoard: Found in Scotland by a metal detectorist, this hoard contained around 100 silver objects, including armbands, brooches, and coins, dating back to the Viking era, shedding light on Norse activity in the region.

The Rosetta Ring: Discovered in Israel by a metal detectorist, this 3,200-year-old gold ring features a carving of an Egyptian Pharaoh’s name, possibly belonging to Pharaoh Seti I, making it a rare and historically significant find.

Roman Coins in Jersey: A cache of over 70,000 Roman coins was discovered in Jersey, UK, by a metal detector enthusiast. Dating back to the 3rd century, it’s one of the largest hoards of Roman coins found in Britain.

These finds showcase the immense historical value and cultural significance that metal detecting enthusiasts contribute to our understanding of the past. They’ve uncovered treasures, artifacts, and insights into ancient civilizations, enriching our knowledge of history.

My Top 5 GREATEST Metal Detecting FINDS

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