Best Metal Detector to Find Gold: Bounty Hunter

Best Metal Detector to Find Gold: Bounty Hunter

Bounty Hunter is an inexpensive metal detector that is loved by many. Although this VLF detector is not ideal for finding gold in dense grass, highly mineralized soil, or salt water, it is still an excellent choice for finding gold near the surface or in gravel and tailings pits.

Its controls are easy to use, whether you’re switching between modes or adjusting sensitivity to gold compatible.

It has simple automatic presets, three search modes and a good measure of the strength of the target.

Its frequency response is below optimal for gold, but with proper sensitivity settings and patience, that hasn’t stopped hundreds of users from finding lost wedding rings and gold jewelry near the surface.

Thanks to this low cost, it is one of the most affordable metal detectors on the market and a great tool to start your search.

Its frequency may not be optimal, and other characteristics leave much to be desired, but you can still try to win the jackpot.

Bounty Hunter Metal Detector BEST of 2023

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