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Cheap metal detectors with discrimination for beginners and children. Advantages and capabilities of a simple metal detector for beginners. Inexpensive metal detectors are also available from stores that use metal detectors. The price for an all-purpose metal detector ranges from $275 to $700. Waterproof metal detectors are cheap, costing around $500. As used metal detectors have no warranty, deal with a trusted dealer. Bonus Hunter metal detector waterproof models are relatively cheap.

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We reveal the main secret about the new devices!

However, let’s move on to choosing the first metal detector in your search practice. How should it be, in your opinion? Perhaps the first thing that comes to mind is the device’s performance, and its ability to search for old coins, treasures, jewelry made of gold and silver, and military artifacts.

When immersed in studying and comparing detectors of different brands and models, it is easy to miss the main point. Therefore, we will immediately reveal the most important secret for you and ask you to carefully remember what we are going to tell you! And we will say the following: any, we repeat, any modern metal detector, even the most budgetary and simple, is not a toy, but a full-fledged metal detector, and with each of the purchased detectors of the listed brands you will have excellent finds!

Then the next question naturally arises: How do detectors differ and why do the prices of devices differ so significantly even in the lower price segment? Here it is necessary to clarify that this is the case, and the differences between detectors are, firstly, that they have a different manufacturer that follows its own pricing policy, and secondly, each detector differs from its counterpart in its own pricing set of functions and equipment, each of which is innovative in its own way, and therefore Prices and capacities vary of course too!

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