The metal detector finds ferrous and non-ferrous metals

Many consider this type of activity a hobby, and even capable of generating good income. The main tool for any treasure hunter is a portable metal detector. With its help you can find real treasures. The main thing is to understand the structure of the metal detector and decide which characteristics are worth choosing the device with. We suggest you understand the features of different types of detectors, ask about the price and find out which device is worth buying for personal use.

A man finds a block of gold among the rocks, weighing 4 kilograms

In the gold fields area of Victoria, Australia, using a metal detector, a man obtained a rock block containing more than 2 kilograms of gold. This particular area is one of the areas rich in the yellow metal, which attracted researchers to discover many treasures from the nineteenth century.

The mass of the solid rock weighed about 4.6 kilograms, and a piece of gold was extracted from inside it, which weighed more than half the weight of the rock, equivalent to 2.6 kilograms.

What can you find with a metal detector?

A metal detector, as its name suggests, helps detect the presence of any metal in the area you are searching. Some detectors are able to detect even small metal impurities in objects. But not everyone has an accurate idea of what exactly metal detectors detect and what they don’t.

Metal detectors can find gold

Metal detectors can find gold and non-gold. Metal detectors are designed to detect all metals, and of course among these metals there are many types that can be detected with a metal detector, such as silver, iron, jewelry, diamonds, archaeological treasures, and much, much more.

Metal detectors can only find gold

Modern detectors can now distinguish between metals without iron and metals with iron in it. Usually a metal detector only finds things a few inches underground or on the surface. Many times salt water will also interfere with electromagnetic waves. But you can still find a lot without wading into salt water.

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