The best metal detectors for the year 2023

The best and most accurate gold and metal detectors on the market for 2023. Metal detectors with good discrimination are great when you are in urban areas. Metal Detector allows you to identify any metal object in the area. A metal detector allows you to find metal objects in the area.

Many novice users who want to try their hand at finding jewelry do not understand where to start studying the market. Many fall under the influence of marketing and advertising, and choose a product that is completely unsuitable for the tasks assigned to them. For example, there are quite a few ground detectors on sale that are designed to search for large metal products at great depths, but are not able to detect small jewelry, and the buyer is focused on this purpose.

Let’s consider a rating of the best metal detectors of 2023 for searching for gold and coins but for novice users. First of all, we are not interested in professional tools, because experienced treasure hunters know very well what characteristics they need to focus on to carry out specific tasks.

10 Best Metal Detectors of 2023

Metal detectors for beginners

Below are relatively inexpensive models, but with a fairly wide scope of application. We paid attention to the main characteristics, as well as customer reviews, because this is a very important aspect when analyzing the market for metal detectors in the price category for beginners.

Treker GC-1066

The top 10 metal detectors are unlocked with the Treker GC-1066 model, which has a relatively good 7-inch coil and moisture protection. At the same time, user feedback clearly refers to budget building, not too strong layers. However, the device with compact dimensions and adjustable bar can be useful for novice treasure hunters. According to the data of various stores and tests, we can conclude that this device is able to find coins to a depth of up to 12 cm, if their size is at least 3 cm. True, aluminum is not detected by sound signal. Despite the modest price, as you understand, there is still a discriminatory function. Autonomous operation of up to 20 hours can vary depending on the type of battery.

Teknetics Delta 4000

Another good metal detector for beginners has balanced entry-level characteristics. Today it is used by many novice users to search for a variety of monuments and coins. Including on the beaches. One of the main reasons why this invention is in our selection is its extreme simplicity. There are a number of great features including PinPointer (Target Indicator) and a two-digit ID. There are many useful adjustments available, including highlighting, sensitivity, and volume. There is an indicator of the presence of small objects, including coins. Power is supplied from the Krona battery.

Treker GC-1039

This model has already partially corrected the chaotic “alarm”, but the other parameters have not actually changed. The device has an excellent sensor with a diameter of 19 cm. Based on user reviews, we concluded that the properties are enough to search for coins at a depth of up to 80 cm, which is a good indicator for novice users. Consequently, the detection depth of small objects has been increased by another 20 cm compared to their predecessors. There is a good SENS regulator with which you can control the sensitivity level. Despite the software improvement, this device still does not respond well to interference. The main feature of the product is the highlighter, which is not found in all amateur metal detectors.

Fisher F22

This is a device of a different level, which can only be understood by the presence of a 9-inch elliptical coil, which responds excellently to targets in close proximity to the device. Meanwhile, the maximum detection depth is much higher than cheap “games”. There is an information screen where you can see various information, including the depth of the treasure, as well as indicators based on the size of the potential treasure. It is worth noting several pre-installed programs for searching for antiquities, coins and jewelry. You can manage your settings, thus creating a fourth program. I am happy with the good sound indicator and protection from interference even in blocked areas.

Garrett Ace 200i

The best economical metal detector of 2023 for beginners is the Garrett ACE 200i model, equipped with a 6.5×9-inch waterproof DD coil. This tool can be used not only on land, but also underwater to search for a wide range of objects, including jewelry. There is no longer any reason to doubt the research equipment of Garrett Electronics Inc. It is not at all surprising that the manufacturer offers a semi-professional metal detector with a frequency of 6.5 kHz at a relatively low price, since it is considered one of the market leaders. Several preset drivers are available. Including the search for jewelry and coins. Novice users will also appreciate the comfortable rod and low weight of the design. At the same time, it was possible to reduce the cost due to an inexpensive battery based on NiMH elements.

Metal detectors to search for coins and gold

This category already includes semi-professional models with a detection frequency of 11 kHz or more. This suggests that these metal detectors can detect even small jewelry, gold, and other valuables, but they also cost much more. We do not consider professional solutions from 50A and above. We are interested in metal detectors that are most relevant to demand, i.e. for novice users.

Nokta Makro Simplex Plus

The rating of metal detectors is complemented by the semi-professional model of the Nokta Makro Simplex Plus series, which has received a lot of positive reviews due to its field of work, but extreme accuracy cannot be relied upon. The depth of immersion can reach 3 meters, which is a strong indicator, although the range of functions is minimal. There are a few settings options. However, automatic ground balance and discrimination adjustment are provided. I am happy with the good lighting, as well as the well-thought-out design of the penis. It is convenient for vibration to work when searching for underwater jewelry. If necessary, you can connect the headphones, where the USB port is located.

XP Orx 22 HF

The list of good metal detectors for searching for coins and gold is complemented by the XP ORX 22 HF model, which works on the basis of modern algorithms. There are ways to uncover gold jewelry and historical monuments. The package includes good headphones. The updated line pleases with a good iron, lightweight and ergonomic control unit. The product can operate on the basis of different frequencies, including high standards, including 50 kHz and up to 80 kHz. There are 4 pre-installed programs, but you can also add your own two with flexible settings. This is not the most suitable solution for amateurs, as it requires a certain amount of experience and a wide range of operations. The program is not the simplest, but it is quite possible to detect it. There is a wireless connection to the indicator, and the battery life is up to 20 hours.

Minelab X-terra 705

Another good ground metal detector, designed for both amateurs and semi-professionals. The Minelab X-Terra 705 Series supports the most demanded frequencies, including 3 kHz for large excavations, 7.5 kHz and 18.75 kHz for small gold jewelry. Depending on the pulley, you can use the appropriate tool operation option. Automatic ground balancing is provided, and it is possible to accurately track goals, as well as know their size in advance. And this is useful. Sensitivity adjustment is provided, you can control the volume, as well as the display. I am glad there are many masks for discrimination. In general, you can use preset modes in most cases.

Garrett Ace Apex

Another good metal detector model that supports many modern technologies and advanced algorithms. This is especially true for the Multi-Flex option. The universal device can operate at different frequencies, including the most powerful. These parameters are suitable for use under different levels of soil mineralization, which contributes to the most efficient search for a variety of jewelry. It is worth noting the high quality of the design and ease of operation. There is a backlit screen that displays many different types of information. We also note a good battery that determines the long autonomy. There are many different types of alarms that are triggered when different metals are detected.

Fisher F75

The best professional-level metal detector for 2023 for beginners is the Fisher F75, which attracts its compact size, light weight and good technical characteristics. We are talking about a universal device with a convenient rod that supports a wide range of frequencies and pleases with excellent sensitivity. It should be noted that to set up this device you do not need any skills, and its efficiency is sufficient to detect gold nuggets and other non-ferrous metals. The kit includes a rod consisting of three parts, high-quality mounting bolts and an expensive coil (oval-shaped type DD).

How to choose a good metal detector for beginners?

As you already understood, you immediately need to understand what kind of tool you need. If you don’t know how to choose a metal detector, try to immediately indicate the things you’ll be looking for. It is here that the characteristics must be determined:

Operating frequency – For searching for large objects at great depths, devices operating at frequencies from 3 to 5 kHz are suitable. Semi-professional tools support 6-8 kHz. Such products can detect medium-sized objects at similar depths. The perfect choice for novice users. More expensive professional models can operate at frequencies ranging from 11 kHz to 20 kHz or higher. Such detectors can find golden hairpins, pins and other small jewelry.

Tightness – the better the insulation, the wider the scope of application of the device. Of course, budget models without water protection are not suitable for extreme searches for precious metals in the rain.

Characteristic – this element distinguishes between really simple and effective devices, as it allows you to adjust the device so that it does not react with chips, nails and other debris. Something useful for beginners but more expensive.

Precise selection – This option allows you to detect an object with an accuracy of up to one centimeter, which is very important if you do not want to damage the object while excavating it. There are sophisticated analog models that do not need this function, as they have precise out-of-the-box response.

Weight is an important trait that many ignore, and then face the fact that their hands get tired quickly, which prevents them from fully and effectively searching for values.

Conclusions about metal detectors

If you do not know which metal detector to buy, and you have no experience in operating such equipment, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with different combinations of these products, read experts who are not interested in selling the product, and also see reviews. Our opinion:

A good semi-professional metal detector is Garrett ACE 200i;
The best gold detector in terms of price and quality is the Minelab X-Terra 705;
Budget metal detector with Treker GC-1039 highlighter;
The best metal detector for beginners of the middle class is the Fisher F75.

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