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Professional metal detectors for searching for gold. Professional metal detectors for gold searching include the following. High frequency metal detectors are used to search for gold and silver coins. We offer over 41 models of metal detectors.

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Advantages of searching for gold using a metal detector

The most desired finds for treasure hunters are objects consisting of the most valuable metal – gold. Every novice digger dreams of finding gold coins, or even an entire treasure. Some look for gold nuggets and are actually modern prospectors, while others take the easy way out – looking for lost gold jewelry on the beach and in the swimming area. In principle, these are all homogeneous objects united by a common search technology.

An important factor in the success of searching for gold objects is the correct selection of a metal detector and the optimal configuration of its parameters. There are many specialized devices that can be easily identified by the presence of the word Gold in the model name. For example, Garrett AT Gold, Minelab Eureka Gold, Fisher Gold Bug, etc. These metal detectors should have pre-installed gold scanning software, and these can be different options for searching for gold nuggets, jewellery, relics or small gold particles.

However, to search for gold, you can successfully use universal metal detectors with certain characteristics. This device must have, first of all, an extended range for distinguishing ferrous metals, because gold indicators lie on the border with indicators of ferrous oxidized metals. The wider this range, the more accurate the device is in distinguishing between objects made of gold and ferrous metals such as iron.

The second characteristic of a gold metal detector is its resistance to highly mineralized soil. It is desirable that the device be able to adapt to a specific type of soil – soil balance function. In automatic mode, the detector can adapt to the type of soil, and manual adjustment will allow you to fine-tune this parameter. This is especially important in beach searching conditions, as salty sand creates significant interference when detecting gold objects.

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