Metal detectors can find gold

Metal detectors are designed to detect all metals, and of course among these metals there are many types that can be detected with a metal detector, such as silver, iron, jewelry, diamonds, archaeological treasures, and much, much more.

Metal detectors can only find gold

Modern detectors can now distinguish between metals without iron and metals with iron in it. Usually a metal detector only finds things a few inches underground or on the surface. Many times salt water will also interfere with electromagnetic waves. But you can still find a lot without wading into salt water.

Of course, many questions arise among some people, especially beginners. It is not wrong to know more about these interesting devices, the wonderful properties of which we discover day after day.

Among the questions that beginners in this field may ask are:

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We return to our main topic: metal detectors can find gold

Yes, metal detectors can find gold, because the work of metal detectors is to try to find anything metallic, so we did not know that metal detectors search for anything metallic. The question that arises now is how do I know that this metal is gold?!

Here the features and specifications of the devices differ. Some devices do not distinguish between iron and gold, and issue an alert when there is any metal. So how can I know the alert sound when there is gold? In this step, you must practice using metal detectors.

How is the training for this? For example, we bury a group of different metal pieces, gold, silver, copper, iron, etc. After that, we use a metal detector to find these pieces, and we listen carefully to the beeping sound that comes from the detector. Every metal has a different beeping sound, which may be a sharp sound or a faint sound. With time and training, you reach a good knowledge of distinguishing precious metals from non-precious metals.

Regarding the depth of metal detectors, these detectors differ in terms of depth. Each detector has specifications that may be better than the other, and also in terms of prices, they differ, and the difference is to the extent that these detectors provide in terms of specifications such as depth, distinction, and the frequency used.

So we know that metal detectors can find gold, and that these detectors differ in terms of specifications, and also in terms of depth. Starting to use metal detectors is an enjoyable hobby, and the more experience you have in using metal detectors, the greater the chance of finding gold.

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