Ten tips if you are new to using a metal detector

Ten tips if you are new to using a metal detector

Keep these few tips in mind before you go “hunting.”

1. Buy the best metal detector you can buy

Even if you’re on a tight budget, buy the best metal detector your budget allows. You won’t regret spending a little more than you intended, if you consult a professional before making a purchase decision. If you have someone who has experience in this field, do not hesitate to ask them for advice. It will also tell you that the quality of the metal detector matters.

2. Always start from your own garden or from a nearby garden

The thing is, you need to get used to your new metal detector first. Don’t jump straight into cobwebs away from home, but start easily in your yard, garden, or in a nearby garden. You’ll find tons of beer lids, aluminum can rings, and coins, but don’t get carried away! All this is part of the very necessary practice if you are just starting out in a treasure hunt. You never know what you might find the next time you go fishing.

3. Dig and take out everything!

Until you get used to the different tones of your metal detector, don’t leave anything unexplored. It is important not to ignore any sounds made by the detector. You won’t want to lose something of value just because you think it’s just another beer cover. The more time you spend searching for treasures, the more likely you are to succeed. A metal detector requires perseverance.

Treasure Hunt Using a Metal Detector
Treasure Hunt Using a Metal Detector

4. Do not detect metal in crowded places

Although I advised you to go to the parks at first, that doesn’t mean you have to do it on weekends when the park is full. Choose the days of the week or early morning for your searches, because you won’t be bothered and others won’t be disturbed either.

5. Always switch your search sites

If you don’t find anything valuable in the park today, chances are you’ll find more tomorrow. Therefore, switch places where you use the metal detector as much as possible. Apply the principle of rotation and return to the same place only after spending a few good days in other places. Also research the areas well before you begin your mission. A beach with a lot of parties will have plenty of beer hats, but there’s also a better chance of finding valuables.

6. Wear comfortable headphones

You don’t have to wear headphones, but they will help you detect weak signals. If you still choose to use them, choose a pair that is as comfortable as possible, since you’ll be wearing it on your ears for a long time.

7. Always carry your wallet with you

It will help you store the found things. Also remember: always ignore found and worthless items. Do not throw them back. Contributes to the cleaning of detection sites.

8. Always go out to look after the rain

Not only is moist soil better for delivery, but it will also help you when you need to dig for items identified by the metal detector.

9. Carefully check the places where you find valuables

If you find something valuable, it’s probably not alone on this site. Examine the area thoroughly and re-listen above the hole before plugging it back in.

10. Be respectful!

Always cover the gaps you make in your tasks, always get rid of items you don’t keep, and always respect the people you meet on your tasks.

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