What is a Pinpointer metal detector

What is a Pinpointer metal detector

Garrett Pinpointer is a small metal detector that allows you to find objects faster. After discovering a metal object with a metal detector, you have to make a hole in the ground to poison it and find it. Sometimes this is daunting due to various factors such as the difficulty of determining exactly where the metal is detected, the size of the metal, the presence of several metals in one hole, or the depth at which it is located. With Pinpointer, you can easily tell if an object detected by the metal detector is still somewhere in the hole or is in one of the blocks of earth that has become poisoned. If it is located in the hole, you can easily tell if it is located somewhere on the side walls of the pit or at its bottom. Also, did you get close enough when you made the hole or do you need to increase the depth of the trench.

Reaching the goal is accelerated

Accurately locates small objects, prevents large holes from being drilled

Identifies several nearby targets

It can be searched in confined spaces or used to locate nails or cables in walls, as well as fittings and pipes.

Compatibility with the environment and goals

Garrett’s standard Pro-Pointer can be easily adjusted to the mineralization of soil or salt water. This technique can be used to determine the size or depth of the body. To reset the standard Pro-pointer indicator, turn it off and then on again. To avoid disturbing you with water, wet sand, and highly mineralized soil, hold the tip in water, soil or sand while pressing the button until it adapts to the environment you are looking for.
Setting up Pro-Pointer AT is faster. Just quickly press the instant reset button.

What you need to know about small metal detectors Pinpointers:

They operate in “all metal” mode, i.e. they interact with both iron and non-ferrous metals

Turn it off after each use. It’s designed to self-adapt to the environment you look at once you turn it on.