How to choose a good metal detector?

How to choose a good metal detector?

Metal detectors are purchased for the purpose of finding various metal objects, including gold. Choosing this device is a responsible task, as the correct reading of the metals we are looking for depends on the correct metal detector. This way you will be sure that the device will not deceive you.

How do you find a cheap and good metal detector?

he market is full of metal detector proposals, which often makes it difficult to choose, since there is a high probability that we will encounter a low-quality proposal that could create a number of problems in use. If you have experience in metal detecting practice or are a beginner, in order to choose a good device you should know the distinctive characteristics of these devices. In the following lines, specialists share with us the main types to facilitate your choice. They are classified by the type of items required:

To find coins – for “coin hunting”, as the hobby is known in some European countries, we recommend that you head to places like parks and beaches. Many people walk there, making these places rich in catches. Uninhabited areas today but once densely populated also fall into the category of common places to find rings, jewelry, or other types of small things. When choosing a coin detector, our specialists recommend choosing an option that is easy to use and functional, which is important for correctly identifying targets close to each other. It’s also important that the metal detector you buy is waterproof, at least three meters deep, so you can use it without worrying about searching bodies of water. It’s just as important to choose a variable with good distinction, so you can filter out what’s not the subject of your research. The frequency of coin detectors should be between 8-15 kHz and a depth range of 15-20 cm.

How to have a good sensitivity to your metal detector
How to have a good sensitivity to your metal detector

For gold detectors and antiquities – these devices are known for their general purpose. They have a full range of probes for discoveries buried in the depths like gold. Its frequency is two-stage, with advanced pulse stimulation. Some models are not waterproof, but all models have high resolution, which will help you separate unnecessary items such as covers, chips, etc. from precious items. When choosing this type of device, it is important to ensure that the battery life is long, which will ensure operation without the need for charging between 15-20 hours;

Gold nuggets – Searching for and finding gold nuggets is an adventure for many people, not only for the value of the items found, but also for stirring it all. When choosing metal detectors for genuine gold, it’s a good idea to stop at those that work well in highly mineralized soils. Since the chances of finding gold around bodies of water are much higher, it’s good for metal detectors to have waterproof sensors. The frequency must be at least 20 kHz. It is also important that the machine itself is not heavy, as the search for gold can take a long time.

good metal detector for gold
good metal detector for gold

Metal detector according to your experience

In addition to the type of research, it is good to orient yourself according to the experience you have. There are models designed for beginners who practice metal detection. They have poor features including a smaller and lighter size in kilograms. Conversely, search engines for those with expertise in this field are heavier and larger.

What conditions must a metal detector meet?

In addition to the distinctive characteristics of different types of metal detectors when choosing a metal detector, it is good to pay attention to the conditions, including:

Principle of operation – metal detectors work on the principle of reciprocating multiplication. It consists of two generators, one of which has a fixed frequency, and the frequency of the other is determined by the search head. Information about the approach of the metal is fed to the search head, and depending on the type of metal, the sound range is reduced or increased.

Sensitivity – When choosing a metal detector, it’s a good idea to keep in mind that some models, especially used ones, can be put on the market with low sensitivity, which negatively affects the search for metal objects.
Depth – determines how many centimeters the probe will go underground. For accurate results, it is recommended to be at least 30 cm in size.

What types of metal detectors are there?

For careful selection, in addition to the general features of metal detectors, it is good to know the types. This will help you make an informed decision based on your needs:

Metal detectors for cables and wires – help you find your way around cables, wires, wires or pipes that are not visible to the naked eye. An added advantage is that it has two types of indicators – light and sound, which makes steering easier.

Exact indicators – these devices are hand-held and detect minerals at a shallow depth under the soil or in the sand. The devices are compact and do not weigh much, and with waterproof models you can practice your hobby even in pools.

Dosimeters – detection of electric and magnetic fields. Built-in signal alarms make radiation detection easier and faster, and the process is further facilitated by light indicators.

Metal detectors for children – they are suitable for use by children and novice users. Their use is facilitated by the very simplified operation of the devices.

Gold sensors – suitable for finding small objects of gold due to their high sensitivity.

Security – Metal detectors detect weapons and other dangerous objects.

Should we choose the new or used metal detector?

Price is no less important when choosing this type of device. Some users rely on a cheaper and affordable option, betting on used devices. We recommend that you trust unused metal detectors, as they have a warranty of at least two years. You’ll find brand new and affordable metal detectors made from high-quality Chinese parts, which means a long up time. You also have the option to return the product within fourteen days if you are not satisfied with it.

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