Which metal detector is best for you?

Which metal detector is best for you?

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The first thing that comes to your mind when you think of a treasure hunt is pirates and the old map. The map, of course, is of ancient parchment or leather with a large sign in the form of a cross, rather than treasure chests. Many films lead one to believe that treasures should be found on the map and always in a beautiful and remote place, but this is far from reality. I have recently written several articles about the search for modern treasures. The three main areas I looked at were lost object hunting, hobbies, metal detectors, and treasure hunting. When we think of treasure, we imagine a box of gold. But around the world, thousands of prospectors have never seen boxes or piles of gold.

For those of you who are not familiar with the principle of operation of a metal detector, I will say that it uses an electromagnetic field to detect metal objects. The distance at which a metal object can be detected varies depending on the model of the metal detector.

Many models are able to detect coins buried at a depth of 20-35 cm, and the higher the price of the device, the more additional functions or accessories it has. Almost all metal detectors have the ability to distinguish the type of metal. Thanks to this, you can immediately determine what you found – a coin, a gold ring or a nail .

Best metal detectors for metal detectors in 2024
Best metal detectors for metal detectors in 2024

When buying a budget metal detector, remember that such a device will not help you much if you decide to engage in serious prospecting. These devices are not powerful and “smart” enough, so you may miss many valuable items. Accordingly, you will be disappointed when you find little value and are likely to give up the treasure hunt.

You don’t need to buy the most expensive models! Pay attention to the main and popular manufacturers of metal detectors, choose several models and read reviews about them. This way you will find the right model. If you decide to spend more time searching for treasures, you can always choose a more functional device. If you go for treasure hunts two or three times a year, you can always find a decent and cheaper model.

Before you begin, bury some coins in your garden or other test place and practice using the new metal detector. This will give you an idea of how the unit works. Since you know where the coin is buried, try to look for it from different aspects, see how the device reacts to it. It will make characteristic sounds and display information about a metal object (in this case a coin) on the screen. If you think you’re ready to look for real targets, pay attention to places where more people gather, such as the beach, walkways, and playgrounds. It is easier to do this on a weekday when there are fewer people.

Start from where there is sand for sieving and do not dig too much. Look for places where children can hang upside down and something can fall out of their pockets. It can be a toy, coins or even jewelry. Every time you find something, try to remember how deep the discovery is. Compare to what you expected before digging the target. All this will help you make your searches more productive and efficient.

As your skills grow, look in more difficult places. But be aware that this can cause you some headaches and trouble. So think carefully about the consequences. Local beaches or lakes and rivers are great places to conduct test research.

There is no advance information about what you might find: accidentally lost coins, jewelry, or something else. But I’m sure you’ll definitely find something really expensive and valuable.

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