What is the best professional metal detector in 2023?

The treasure hunt profession requires not only certain knowledge, but also good working equipment. It is natural for a professional metal detector to be one of the essential pieces of equipment for a professional metal seeker. Here is an overview of the most efficient models on the market.

Buying Guide: Choosing the Best Metal Detector for Your Needs

Metal detecting has always been a hobby that has amazed many people. Finding abandoned, forgotten or lost objects in different places of the planet is the essence of this activity.

Using sophisticated devices adapted for such situations, anyone can perform metal detectors. However, it must be borne in mind that it is subject to a very specific law. That’s why there’s a solution to compare the best metal detectors to help you find your way. Thanks to the comparison of metal detectors, you can learn about cheap and high-quality metal detectors, which can be used in various metal explorations.

Selection of the 3 Best Professional Metal Detectors

A professional metal detector is the main device in the treasure hunt profession. It is a device that allows both professionals and individuals to locate any treasure hidden underground or in the water. It makes a loud sound when a metal object is detected. In the case of owning a more sophisticated model such as the one presented on this site, it is possible to make the modification to direct your search towards a specific object. As with hunting magnets, many brands in the market compete for this metal search tool and offer different models. Here are the top 3 models of 2023.

In fact, it is essential to equip yourself with the best metal detector if you want to indulge in this little adventure pleasure in search of lost treasure. A fun hobby that can be practiced alone or with family, metal detection requires good regulation. There in particular are the choice of land to explore, the tools to use, the equipment to take, the choice to use the objects to be found, etc. But above all, the main requirement is to have the best metal detector capable of easily finding coins or any other precious metal object.

But how to choose your own metal detector? How to recognize the most efficient detector, which will adapt to all your needs and which will be the best value for money for metal detectors? Thanks to this metal detector buying guide, you will be able to easily select the right accessory for your needs and budget. You will simply need to locate yourself among the various characteristics mentioned and buy according to the results you get.

How to choose a professional metal detector?

It would be a serious mistake to choose a professional metal detector model at random. Priority should be given to the performance and quality of the device when buying. Here are some criteria that will help you find an effective and excellent professional metal detector.

The type of metal detector you need depends entirely on your level of experience. In fact, if you are a beginner in prospecting, it is usually recommended to use tools that are easier to use. Overall, it’s a beginner detector, which is practical for your level of experience but also adapts to your budget.

As you become more experienced in this activity and recreation, you will be able to navigate the most difficult areas and equip yourself with a more efficient and powerful machine in the mid-range category. Finally, if you are an experienced prospector, high-end hardware will be recommended to properly continue your small search.

Brand and features of a professional metal detector

Many brands compete in the metal detector market. However, only a few have stood out and offer satisfactory quality devices. It would therefore be prudent to resort to metal detector brands that are recognized and appreciated by the public. This increases your chance of finding a quality device. Do not ignore the features offered by the metal detector model. A good professional metal detector should be able to detect any hidden treasure. It must also have a much larger field and adapt to all environments, beaches, forests, fields, etc.

But how to choose the best metal detector according to this range? From which supplier should I order this supplement? To answer this question you can rely on different brands that specialize in the distribution of metal detectors. Many of them have a strong reputation in the market. They can serve as references for you to find the most sophisticated, effective and above all practical device according to your needs.

For example, you have the Gold Maxx Power metal detector, Bounty Hunter, Pinocker, Xp Deus detector, Garrett At Pro, or Minelab, Euroace, Eurotek Pro, and Tesoro products. These brands are among the major manufacturers of high-performance, easy-to-use metal detectors on the market today. You will definitely find what you are looking for there.

Fortified metals and discrimination

The first step in the actions to take to successfully purchase your professional metal detector is to familiarize yourself with its peculiarities. Even if some of the most sophisticated models are able to discover any treasure, the situation is not the same for others. Some detectors are designed only to detect a certain type of metal. So you should inform yourself in advance to avoid unpleasant surprises. The highlight function will help you narrow down your search area and thus save time. Professional multipurpose metal detectors with metal sorting function are highly recommended.

Price and customer reviews

Functionality is the factor that greatly affects the price of professional metal detectors. It is natural that a model with a lot of functions is more expensive than a beginner. Even if it’s best to invest enough money to get a device with excellent performance, it’s still a good idea to set a ceiling on your budget. No need to invest a fortune if you are just an occasional practitioner. However, it is possible to buy a high-end model if you want to use it regularly and intensively. In any case, as when buying an airbrush model, read the reviews of customers who bought the device before you.

Determine the purpose of your exploration research:

Metal detector comparison
In order to choose the metal detector you really need, you will first need to select the topic of your research. In fact, there are metal detectors that also act as prospectors for other lost objects. Indeed, these ground radars can also be used to find gold as well as detect coins or other old and forgotten scrap metals.

By programming your hobby in this way, you can easily equip yourself with an accessory that will provide you with the best possible search results. Plus, by choosing the perfect detector in the market, you’ll easily be able to do your little adventure in any type of terrain (park, beach, etc.) since you’re already well equipped.

Where are you allowed to use a metal detector?

In France, the use of metal detectors is regulated by law. People who wish to use a metal detector must comply with applicable laws to avoid criminal penalties. First of all, it is important to note that metal detectors are prohibited at archaeological sites, both public and private. Metal detectors may not be used at archaeological sites without prior permission from the state. In fact, the use of metal detectors at archaeological sites can lead to the destruction of valuable artifacts and the loss of important historical information.

Outside of archaeological sites, metal detectors are generally allowed in public places such as parks, beaches and forests. However, this depends on local and municipal regulations. Some cities or regions may completely prohibit the use of metal detectors in public places. The use of metal detectors is allowed on private territory with the consent of the landowner. It is important to note that all items found when using the metal detector are owned by the owner of the land on which the item was found, unless otherwise agreed.

Certain restrictions may apply to items found using metal detectors. For example, weapons, ammunition and explosives may not be kept or used without authorization from the competent authorities. Finally, we must point out that the use of metal detectors for commercial purposes is subject to specific regulations and may require a professional license.

In short, the use of metal detectors in France is subject to strict rules. Metal detectors cannot be used at archaeological sites without prior permission from the state, and are generally permitted in public places and private lands with the permission of the property owner. Items found may be subject to certain restrictions, and the use of metal detectors for commercial purposes may require a professional license.

The main types of metal detectors:

There are two main models of metal detectors: VLF (Very Low Frequency) metal detectors and so-called PI (Pulse Introduction) metal detectors. They can be confused but nevertheless have very specific characteristics, especially with regard to operating system and performance. To choose between these two models, it is necessary to correctly determine the type of research to be performed. It may also depend on the allocated budget.

VLF metal detectors:

It is usually used for classical excavation activity. Its working style remains very limited due to the fact that the field of work was pre-targeted. By using two separate coils (transceiver) that are driven by a current, which rotates and spreads in the search area in the form of a magnetic field, the operation of this metal detector is simple. It is from the latter that buried, lost or forgotten objects can be discovered. In fact, these desired metals absorb a great deal of energy, resulting in a fairly high-pitched sound or signals that are transmitted to your headset to tell you their exact location in your search area.

PI metal detectors:

But the second type of detectors is still very popular today. In fact, the induction detector has a completely different way of working. It already only uses one file. In the form of pulses, it also receives current through its power supply box. This also makes it possible to obtain a magnetic field that propagates correctly in the ground in the form of very strong pulses. To find metals in a ferrous field, the PI metal detector emits pulses every time it is measured. Depending on the existence and nature of this exploration target, this metal detector will reflect different accurate measurements. Which makes this adventure easier in practice. It is more recommended for a prospector who detects gold or very specific iron objects . This technique used more specifically informs the researcher of the nature of his goal.

Other practical tips for buying the best metal detector

In addition to all this, to choose the right metal detector, it is basically important to determine your true needs. After that, it’s easy to find the right device for your task. The reputation of the brands of manufacturers as well as the prices come much late. But above all, in order to equip yourself with the best ground-based radar, effective and practical, for iron terrain exploration operations in search of the lost treasure, you must know your goal as a prospector.

The different ranges serve as a reference to help you find the best way to choose your prospecting extension. These are, in fact, guides that allow you to buy the tool that suits your needs and budget. It remains clear that if you are a beginner and don’t even know how to use a metal detector yet, and what’s more, you don’t even know what to look for, it would be useless to invest in very professional metal detectors. That would be an unnecessary waste of money. However, if you invest in devices that are efficient enough to get started, such as a pre-metal detector, to enjoy this kind of fun activity, you don’t have to spend much.

So, we hope that this metal detector buying guide will be very helpful to you. They are updated according to the different innovations in the field, and you will find useful and practical information adapted to your needs. Our metal detector comparison will support you in wanting to find the best metal detector in December 2023.

We hope that our advice will help you evaluate the product and adapt your budget accordingly and give you great pleasure in practicing your hobby which is prospecting.

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