best metal detector for coins

best metal detector for coins

Metal detectors are used to detect metal objects in the ground, sand and walls of buildings. With their help, you can find ancient coins, jewelry, fixtures and other antiques. The devices are used in archaeology, construction, search for lost items, security tests and treasure hunting.

A metal detector is a device used to search for precious metals, including coins. Today, many manufacturers produce several different models at once, and it is very difficult for an unprepared person to immediately choose the ideal option.

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Features of searching for coins

Finding coins with a metal detector is a fun and useful hobby. But you need to know not only what to use, and what device is better to use in research, but where you can find coins, to find out where they come from in the ground.

There are several main reasons for the appearance of coins.

Treasures (whole or plowed off)
Most often, the treasures were hidden at a depth of 0.5-1 m underground, so they could be found all at once or in parts when excavating the site. In the second case, a metal detector will be useful for collecting those coins that were accidentally scattered when digging the area.

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Which metal detector is suitable for searching for coins?

Many experienced and novice numismatists (coin collectors), researchers of ancient monuments located under a thick layer of earth, prefer to search on their own, using a special device – a metal detector. A metal detector for coin search is a complex device with a variety of functions. There are different models on the market that, based on the experience of the excavator, can be divided into devices for beginners, intermediate level, and professional.

Main characteristics of metal detectors

Choosing a metal detector for coins, with the necessary knowledge, is quite simple. After familiarizing themselves with the functional features of the presented models, everyone will be able to choose an effective device for themselves that will look for coins.

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