Remote treasure detector from Mole PROSPECTOR

A remote treasure detector is a device used in treasure hunting and exploration to detect valuable items or materials from a distance. These devices claim to identify buried or hidden treasures such as metals, minerals, coins, artifacts, or other valuable objects without physically digging or being in close proximity to the target area.

There are various types of remote treasure detectors, each utilizing different technologies and methodologies for detection. Some common technologies used in these detectors include:

Electromagnetic Induction: Devices based on electromagnetic induction create a magnetic field to detect metallic objects underground.

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR): GPR uses radar pulses to image the subsurface, detecting variations in soil composition or buried objects.

Pulse Induction (PI): PI detectors send short bursts of current through a coil of wire, generating magnetic pulses to detect metals at deeper levels.

Long-Range Locators: As discussed earlier, these devices claim to detect materials or objects from a distance using various methods like radio waves or dowsing techniques.

It’s important to note that while these devices are marketed for treasure hunting and exploration purposes, their effectiveness and accuracy can vary significantly. Factors such as soil composition, depth of buried objects, environmental interference, and the specific technology employed can impact the detector’s performance.

Before investing in a remote treasure detector, it’s advisable to conduct thorough research, read reviews, and, if possible, test the device’s performance in different conditions. Additionally, understanding the limitations and capabilities of the technology is crucial for realistic expectations regarding the device’s performance in the field. Consulting with experienced users or experts in the field of treasure hunting can provide valuable insights before making a purchase.

Remote treasure detector from Mole PROSPECTOR

A unique device for long-distance search for long-buried objects with audio and digital signal.

Remote treasure detector from Mole PROSPECTOR

Remote treasure detector from Mole PROSPECTOR

Suitable for research:

jewelry and other high-conductivity metals (for example: gold, silver, copper, bronze);
jewelry located on a large area;
Deposits of gold-bearing sand or native gold in rocks and underground;
long-buried treasures;
For industrial purposes (search for long-lasting underground pipes and wiring without voltage).

Principle of operation:
All these metals create around themselves a detectable electrostatic field on the surface of the Earth. The search distance varies depending on the size, conductivity, depth and time underground. Metals with high conductivity, such as gold and silver, are easier to detect because they create a wider electrostatic field around them, so the device can locate them from a greater distance.

The maximum research depth tested is 6 meters, and the distance from which the signal identification begins is about 15-20 meters to the location of the object (in the direction towards the object). In theory, the depth could be greater depending on the factors described above.

The Earth is constantly exposed to powerful radio frequencies emitted by military installations, satellites, radio transmitters and lightning. This radiation creates an electric current in underground conductive materials.

The stimulated flow creates a secondary electrostatic field, which can be detected on the surface by increasing deviation from the normal frequency field, which is very low. Electrons also move as a wavelength that can be detected from a distance. The highest signal level of this object seems to differ from neutral ground.


LCD Signal:
– signal level from 0 to 100%;
– Battery level;

Accurate audible alarm with increased volume depending on signal strength
Sensitivity level control
Button to turn the device on and off
Button to turn the screen backlight on and off
Headphone jack
LED for battery indicator
Red charging LED when the charger is on and off automatically
Continuous operation: about 20 hours but can be extended depending on the method of use
Built-in rechargeable batteries – 7×1.2V NiMH=8.4V (2500mAh)
Charging Adapter – Input: 100 to 240 V 1A 50-60 Hz; Output: 15V/1A
Machine weight: 800g
Case length: 350 mm
Two years warranty

As of my last update in January 2022, I don’t have specific details on a product named “Mole PROSPECTOR.” Companies often release new products and models, so it’s possible that this is a new release after my last update.

Typically, remote treasure detectors, regardless of the brand, aim to assist in locating buried or hidden treasures, metals, artifacts, or valuable objects from a distance. They employ various technologies like electromagnetic induction, ground penetrating radar (GPR), pulse induction, or long-range locator methods to detect and locate objects underground without physical excavation.

If “Mole PROSPECTOR” is a new product, I recommend looking for recent reviews, user experiences, or official information from the manufacturer or reputable sources. Check for details on the technology used, the depth range it covers, its accuracy, and any independent evaluations or validations of its performance.

When considering purchasing a remote treasure detector, it’s essential to:

Research: Look for comprehensive information about the product, its specifications, and user feedback to gauge its reliability.

Verification: Verify the claims made by the manufacturer through independent reviews or assessments from experts in the field.

Realistic Expectations: Understand the limitations and capabilities of the device. Not all detectors perform equally in different environments or conditions.

Consultation: Seek advice from experienced users or professionals in treasure hunting to gain insights into the practical use of such devices.

Remember, while these devices can aid in locating objects underground, they might not always provide accurate or precise results, and their effectiveness can be influenced by various factors such as soil composition, depth of the target, and environmental interferences.

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